Take Back Your Power & Live A FIT Life

FIT SINGLE 💃🏽 MAMA Making 💥FIT Happen

As women, we do it ALL! 

We have careers, we take care of our families, we care for aging parents, many, like me, singlehandedly maintain households —Sometimes we neglect ourselves & our physical, mental & emotional health can suffer.
Take back your life & heal your body from the inside out because




Women’s Health Resource

 As an expert in the field of 🥕nutrition— 🥑 and with over 20 years of fitness 🤸🏽‍♂️ experience under my belt, I want to help you become the most FABULOUS version of yourself—by showing you how to incorporate healthy eating and exercise into your daily routine! 

You will learn just how easy it is to be FIT—


I’ve helped many women over the years. & now I want to help you!


Healthy Eating = A Healthy Life

The Vegetarian Life Is For Me!  Let me show you how to get the most out of your nutrition so you can live your life healthy, strong, and full of vitality! Vegetarian, vegan, or the new flexitarian, my vegetarian philosophy is 🌿 eat plants 🌱 plenty of them and  love 💕 the body you have!


It’s a 💫 FIT Celebration 🌟

COMING SOON to a city near you!

Stay tuned for more information!